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What Are The Things We Need To Know About Dental Crowns Procedure

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Dental Crowns - Understanding What Is It

Things Patients Need to Know when Having Dental Crowns Procedures Done

First, a Patient needs to know what to expect when he or she is having Dental Crowns Procedures done. They apply dental crowns to cover and hold together a tooth that’s damaged. Or they can apply the dental crowns to a tooth that’s worn down or chipped into the nerve.

Also, if a tooth is in a state of severe decay, the dentist will fill the cavity then apply the dental crown. The crown secures the filling and keeps it from coming out of the cavity. Next, we will look at the choices of materials the patient prefers for his or her dental crowns.

They make dental crowns of a variety of strong materials like stainless steel. Stainless steel is strong and is rust resistant. The steel is a temporary fix for children or adults until a permanent crown is attached. Gold, Platinum, and Nickel-Chromium are alloy materials used for making the permanent Dental Crowns. These materials are much stronger than stainless steel and are harder to wear down.

Ceramic or Porcelains often used in patients who cannot tolerate metals of any kind as people have metal allergic reactions. The porcelain and ceramics are colored to look like the patients’ natural teeth. Therefore, no one can tell the crown is not the person’s original tooth.

Once the patient has chosen the materials for the crowns, the dentist makes preparations to apply a temporary crown to the tooth. The first appointment with your dentist he or she will take x-rays or a digital scan for the tooth and the area surrounding the tooth. Next, the dentist injects an anesthetic in and around the tooth to the gums to numb the area.

They file the top of the tooth down smooth this allows for the dental crown. It also prevents the tooth from puncturing the crown materials. Should the tooth need filling from a cavity or decayed state the dentist will fill the tooth first? A dentist uses putty to make a dental impression of the tooth. They send the impression along with the x-rays or digital scans to a dental laboratory. The laboratory uses them to make the permanent dental crown.

Then the end of the first dental appointment is where the dentist will apply the temporary crown to the bad tooth. They will remove the temporary crown on the next visit.

They schedule the second visit when the permanent crowns sent to the dentist office from the laboratory. The permanent crown should take about three weeks to arrive at your dental office. At the second office visit, your dentist will again numb the site with anesthesia.

Then the dentist will remove the temporary crown to clean the tooth surface. Your dentist will inspect the new crown to make sure it fits. The dentist will then apply the new permanent crown to the tooth. That is it the procedure is complete and you may leave. Now you know what to expect the dental crowns procedure appointment.