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Tooth Removal – What Are The Important Things to Consider

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Get to know what are the important factors that you should consider before agreeing for a Tooth Removal

Before embarking on a tooth removal dental service, there are important procedures to follow regardless of whether you are a new or an established patient, below are simple guidelines or procedures.

Tooth Removal - General Dentistry

Book appointment, get your information including insurance ready and arrive early. It is necessary to book an appointment at a dentist office and be sure to confirm your appointment at least 24 hours before your scheduled time, doing this will help you save a whole lot of time even though some offices may accept walk-ins, you still have to wait for those who already scheduled appointments to be attended to, even when you arrive at the clinic first. You will be required to fill some paper works and may even have more to fill if you are a new patient before your appointment time, the more reason for arriving early, is to help you relax yourself while doing this.

After proper examination of patient’s teeth, physician confirms the dental problems you may have, proffer appropriate treatment and if there’s a need for a surgery. Be sure to include any medication you might be taking when discussing questions and concerns with the doctor. the surgery may require you to stay longer than normal dentist examination visit, so it is wise to ask your doctor how long the procedure may last. After all these, choose a date that will be convenient for you and schedule your appointment for the surgery.


Preparation: Making adequate preparation for this procedure is very important, this will help you to prevent complications and enhance quick recovery process.

Good health has so much to do in the process of dental surgery even though it is usually performed base on outpatient visit, there’s a need for a patient coming in for surgery procedure to maintain good health as this will help with mental stability and enhance quick recovery after the operation. To ensure good health, living positively, following good daily nutrition, rest and exercise help boost good health, if you smoke, it is advice to quit smoking at this time.

After Tooth Removal, Oral health and hygiene: It always required to brush and floss gently after surgery, this is to prevent the brush from causing wounds or damages to fragile gum; rinse with salt water solution periodically after 24 hours especially after every eating to help foster the healing process and prevent infection, in fact this will help with cleaning the teeth also.

  • If you smoke, you will need to consider not smoking or chewing tobacco, during the
    healing process to prevent infection and weak immunity.
  • Avoid chewing gums.
  • You will need to rest after surgery, this help the body relax and improve healing
  • Pain, swelling and bleeding is always common after surgery, you may experience
    one or two of these symptoms and when bleeding occurs, reseat your folded gauze
    gradually, do not do this too often to avoid irritation which can lead to infection.
    Applying Ice packs periodically can be handy in relieving pain and swelling.
  • Follow surgeon’s instruction and if you have excessive bleeding or concerns call your
    physician to let him/her know immediately.

Nutrition: After tooth removal, it is recommended to stay hydrated by taking regular fluids of 5 to 6 glasses daily. Eating well especially foods rich in proteins and vitamins, will help to enhance the healing process and reduce the pain and discomfort. Stocking your house with beneficial foods that will help with quick recovery is essential, by doing this, you don’t have to worry about what to eat or going through much stress, remember, you need to take it easy on yourself.