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Tooth Colored Fillings – How Much Does It Cost?

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Tooth Coloured Fillings – Learning About This Dental Service Cost

Get to know how much does Dental Fillings Price is and What Patients can Expect From This

Tooth Colored Fillings Cost


Many people will get a cavity in the tooth at one time in their life. The cavity will need to be filled. Tooth colored fillings can make the cavity less noticeable and will allow a person to keep their nice smile.


The cost of tooth covering fillings is higher than other types of fillings. The cost of the filling averages between $135 and $250 depending on the amount of filling that is going to be needed and the location of the tooth. The extent of damage and decay on the tooth will also affect the price of the filling. This type of filling is known as a composite filling and will closely match the color of the other teeth. That is the price per tooth. They are around $40 more expensive than the silver filling per tooth.

Composite Resin Filling

This filling is a good alternative to the silver amalgam that is commonly used to fill the tooth. This resin filling is made from a special plastic material that contains small glass and ceramic particles. The filling is allowed to get hard and when it is dry, it will resemble the color of a tooth. There is a lot more work that goes into preparing the filling and that is why it is more expensive.

Insurance Coverage

Most major dental insurance plans will cover part of the cost of the composite filling but not the entire filling. Many plans will cover up to the price of the composite filling that the silver filling would cost. If a person wants to composite filling they will need to pay the difference out of their own pocket. Still many people find it worth the cost. If a person needs one filling, they may not be too expensive. If a person needs to have several teeth filled, the cost can quickly rise.


There are some advantages to a composite filling that make them worth the cost. The composite filling can be used on teeth in the front of the mouth. When a person sees the teeth, they will not know that they were filled due to the color match. This filling can also be used to repair teeth that have become chipped or broken. They will match the color of the tooth. The filling can be bonded chemically to the tooth so that no other forms of support are needed to make sure the filling stays in place.

If a person needs a filling but does not want it to stand out they can get tooth colored fillings.. While the filling can cost up to $230 many people feel it is worth the price to keep a nice smile.