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How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

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Understanding How Long Does Dental Fillings Last?

Get to know what is dental fillings and how long it last and be helpful

Dental Fillings

Are you wondering how long your dental filling last? Various factors contribute to influence this including but not limited to filling material, size, location of your teeth, diet, eating habits as well as oral hygiene.

With the emerging new techniques and technologies, improved and advanced dental procedures, a proper awareness of dental health will influence the dental filling lifespan. Let’s talk briefly about the longevity of dental fillings further.

Cavities are our worst enemies and they always come uninvited. If you neglect, it may lead to various complications – right from tooth ache to extreme condition of heart attack. However, you may note that your teeth will be equivalently stronger even though there are cavities. Filling cavities without too much drilling is a traditional way of fixing your tooth to bring it back to a healthy state and improve longevity. Also, if you want to prevent any further decay, you better go for filling your teeth with one of the several options available in the dental market. However, this kind of dental restoration is not a permanent solution at all. Dental fillings may have to be periodically tested and may last for few years beyond which it may have to be redone.

Other reasons can be wear and tear and sheer negligence that can lead to cavities and if neglected further, leads to decay.

Various techniques and materials are available in the dental market when it comes to filling your teeth. Some of the options may be gold, porcelain, a composite resin with tooth colored fillings, amalgam which is a tooth colored plastic and materials called composite resin filling, glass ionomer – a material made from glass particles are some of the many options available. However, not every material is compatible with everyone’s mouth. Besides other factors like convenience, cost and ease of filling can also influence while choosing your dental filling. This may in turn lead to determine the durability of your fillings.

Among the various methods available, below are some of the most popularly used by the dentists in recent days. Remember, each one has its own advantage and disadvantage.

Based on the cost ,convenience and ease of maintenance the following two filling methods are used.
Silver fillings are most common type of fillings because they are generally durable and do not wear out easily.They are hence used to fill the cavities in your teeth.

However, if you are looking for a longer solution, then better try another option that gives you tooth color filling. Aesthetically, people like these more than the silver fillings because of the look and feel and durability.

However, if you are considering various factors such as the material used for filling, the size of the filling or the location in your mouth, eating or chewing habits, existing tooth damage or the oral or orthodontic procedures you may be undergoing, then it is challenging and equally important to make the right choice of dental filling.

With your insurance supporting your expenses at various stages and procedure levels, all inclusive of the type of materials used, expenses, ease of filling and healing and the techniques adopted for filling determine the future of your dental fillings.