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Dental Fillings Guide – Understanding What Is Tooth Coloured Fillings

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Tooth Coloured Fillings – An Innovative Dental Technology for a Great Smile

Understand what Dental Fillings can do for you and how it can give you a beautiful and confident smile!

Tooth Coloured Fillings


What Is Tooth Coloured Fillings?

As the world is making significant progress, so is dental technology. Currently, there are many dental materials and techniques which are employed by the various players in the dental industry to create more pleasing and natural smiles. Researchers have done a lot of work to come up with attractive materials such as ceramics and crowns which mimic the low of our natural teeth. Today, we have many patients who ask their dentists of tooth coloured fillings since they want their teeth to have a pleasing natural look every time, they smoke, laugh or task. Many people also refer these fillings as composite flings.


They Blend With The Teeth

The fillings are made of materials capable of restoring the natural appearance of a tooth which has been previously damaged or has cracks. They are also perfect for a tooth which has been filled. They have an advantage in that they perfectly blend with the tooth enamel, and hence no one can notice that you have a foreign object in your mouth. In most cases, the dentist will recommend them if the teeth you want to be restored happens to be in front of your mouth.


Easy To Fix

Tooth coloured fillings are a bit easy to set compared to other dental procedures. If you are dealing with a qualified dentist, you require only one visit for the tooth to be prepared and restored. That is not all. As opposed to other dental procedures, the process of fixing them requires minimal removal of the healthy parts of your tooth. The material which makes up these fillings is in a position to bond to your tooth adhesively. The decay is removed. The tooth is then separated from the saliva. The dentist needs to be very careful.


The Procedure

Once the rotten part has been removed, the dentist will apply the adhesive which is then followed by the application of the layers of the fillings. Once he or she is done, the filling is chemically hardened using a special light. The hardening process takes less than one minute. This type of procedure is recommended for a tooth with minimal damage and for those who are looking for beauty. However, if you happen to have significant damage to your teeth, the dentist might be forced to use another special type of material to deal with the problem.


Costs And Maintenance

In some instances, once this procedure is done, some people tend to have an increased sensitivity to hot and cold drinks and foods. This is normal. However, if this persists, it is good to contact your dentist for more advice. The fillings might be quite expensive as compared to other dental procedures. However, a majority of the patients are willing to incur this cost due to the value they derive from the whole process.



After undergoing this procedure, one must continue with proper oral care in a bid to increase their lifespan. Additionally, tooth coloured fillings may require periodic replacements due to tear and wear. Regular dental check-ups are thus recommended.